Sunday, February 4, 2007

Another Dirty Socialist throws his hat in the ring…

Former arch-Blairite John Cruddas has thrown his grubby little hat into the ring to become the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party. F.U. hopes this unpleasant turn-coat socialist gets elected so that the Labour Party can take the lunge to the Left that so many of its members are crying out for.

Cruddas is the Member of Parliament for Dagenham, and was a Political Secretary to Tony Blair up until 2001. Cruddas was, therefore, in the thick of the New Labour experiment and should take his share of the blame for ripping the Labour Party away from its ‘socialist’ roots and hurtling it towards its filthy occupation of the political ‘middle ground’. But now he has turned his back on Blairism and has embraced the need for “change”. In change, Mr. Urquhart suggests, one should read “return to a defunct socialist legacy”.

Apparently after leaving the cushy and comfortable confines of 10 Downing Street Cruddas became disillusioned with Blair and his alleged politics of “aspiration.” The streets of working class Dagenham and all the inherent hardships that come with it showed Cruddas all the people Labour had left behind. So he says.

Nevermind all the hard working middle classes that New Labour has systematically taxed to the hilt, eh? Nevermind the real backbone of the country that Labour has been killing for nearly ten years.

F.U. hopes Cruddas gets the Deputy Leadership of the Labour Party, to hammer the final nail into the coffin of New Labour. Cruddas is a crud candidate for a crud party, and F.U. wishes him all the luck in the world.


Jeremia said...

Dagenham eh?

Crudarse has obviously noticed the BNP coming up on the inside, with the support of the very people Crudarse betrayed. Does he think he'll get them back before the great cleansing to come?


Sir, I doubt you and I have very much in common politically - beyond, that is, a visceral hatred of this mafia that, with the support of just 22.8% of the electorate, slithered its way into control of this once, and to be again, fine country.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Ah, I see Blogger's acting up again - I don't know why it occasionally calls me 'jeremia'.

I am, of course, that lunatic known to those involved in the jihadi war as Sir Henry Morgan, commoner and enlisted man to the core.