Sunday, February 4, 2007

Tax is NOT the solution to everything

Mr. Urquhart enjoys a wee dram every so often and the occasional cherry at Christmas just like many other Britons. Also like many Britons he resents being taxed into oblivion by this wretched New Labour Government, and being patronised by ‘experts’ who hold the ear of Government.

So he reads with undisguised venom that a certain Professor Ian Gilmore of the Royal College of Physicians has recommended that alcohol, particularly cider, should be hammered (no pun intended) with tax increases to deter ‘binge drinkers’.

F.U. dislikes the view among members of the Government and the ‘experts’ that advise them that taxation is the way to correct problems. Surely there are more ways to tackle irresponsible drinking rather than slapping a higher tax price tag on booze? Better education? Not granting pubs 24 hours licenses? Apparently not.

He also finds it bloody ridiculous that responsible drinkers and consumers generally must pay the price for the abuses and excesses of a sizeable minority. Besides, F.U. asks, shouldn’t the individual be able to make his own decisions regarding his lifestyle without being subject to an overbearing Nanny State?

Prof. Gilmore speaking at a responsible drinking conference even went as far as to endorse a Nanny State. He said: "The Government is anxious about the nanny state, but I think the harm done by alcohol is such that nannying would be in order."

Mr. Urquhart is pretty sure that the Labour Government doesn’t need any encouragement to increase its already bloated nannying. How long will it be before enjoying a pint or two in your local will be simply unaffordable? Not too long if the likes of Gilmore has his way.


Praguetory said...

Deepest sympathy on your untimely death. With condolences. PT

Cranmer said...

His Grace would like to express his deepest sorrow on the news of your passing.

It has been said that all Whips end up in hell. His Grace hopes and prays that you find the eternal forgiveness which comes of sincere repentance.



The Rt Hon. Francis Urquhart MP said...

F.U. truly appreciates your comments, and blessings, as he plots a Vote of No Confidence against Lucifer.

Mr. Urquhart looks forward to putting some pitchfork about.

Ross Cowling said...

My condolences to Mrs Urquhart.

Russ said...

A disturbing lack of staying power has been displayed here.