Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Aussies don’t realise how lucky they are to have Howard

F.U. notes that the people of Australia don’t realise how lucky they are to have the Hon. John Howard MP as their Prime Minister.

Mr Howard is without doubt the most successful conservative leader since Margaret Thatcher. The Australians are lucky to have him, and this has come sharply into focus within the past view days when Howard slammed ridiculous suggestions that the Australian flag is to be banned from the well known outdoor rock concert ‘The Big Day Out’ because it might cause tensions. Apparently, according to these PC cretins, it might cause “racism disguised as patriotism”.

It seems that political correctness is a problem in Oz as well.

Howard was having none of it though. He said: "The event organisers should not ram their peculiar political views down the throats of young Australians who are only interested in a good day out."

The Aussie PM has a feel for the public mood, tapping into commonsense. He also said that the idea that the Commonwealth’s flag should ever be prohibited in display "is offensive and it will be to millions of Australians". Damn right, mate.

F.U. wishes that the United Kingdom had such a Prime Minister, unafraid to stick two fingers up to the politically correct liberal elite and their bizarre and offensive views.


Ross Cowling said...

Just yesterday, the BBC had an article on their website covering the celebrations of Australia Day. This article was full of the usual left-wing bias we have all come acustomed to from the Beeb.

For example of Mr Howard it says: " In past elections, Prime Minister John Howard has proved himself particularly adept at exploiting voter fears about the threat to Australian identity from asylum seekers and new immigrants."

This is blatant bias aimed at one of the most popular and successful politicians in modern Australian history.

As Mr Urquhart notes, Australia really is lucky to have John Howard!

clearthought said...

Howard makes me sick. With all due respect, you sound like populist right-winger paranoid of any information that does not support your extreme ideology.