Saturday, January 27, 2007

Could another peer be joining UKIP?

Rumours are rife that another peer is ready to pack up his ermine and join the UK Independence Party. The current speculation is that Margaret Thatcher’s former Trade and Industry Secretary, David Young, Lord Young of Graffham is having his loyalty to the Tory Party tested to the very limit. Apparently Lord Young met up with the rising star leader of UKIP, Nigel Farage MEP, for ‘breakfast’. That’s one round of toast, tea and marmalade F.U. wishes he was a fly on the wall for.

Mr. Urquhart wonders how easy it is for a peer to decide to ditch the Conservative benches to join the UKIP ones, after all they don’t have the face the onslaught of the electorate, and wonders if a Member of the lower house could ever be pushed to such breaking. F.U. suspects that several MPs on the Tory benches have probably been approached. And it’s probably not too hard to figure out which ones, either. But, not for the first time, Mr. Urquhart has more confidence in the individual consciences and integrities of members of the Lords, rather than the Commons. He is not holding hid breath.

Does the UK Independence Party have a particular appeal to the titled aristocracy, one might ask? Well, F.U. says we know that Charles Manners, the 11th Duke of Rutland has held fundraising events at Belvoir Castle. Perhaps His Grace might throw his coronet in the ring the next time a hereditary peer dies, and join his brother peers on the UKIP benches. Richard Bridgeman, the 8th Earl of Bradford supports the Eurosceptic party. The same could apply.

F.U. wonders how long it will take for even more Tory peers to jump ship, and turn the famous red benches purple. Would F.U. be tempted if he were a Peer of the Realm, with no electorate to appease?

Not bloody likely. The Conservative Party is well over 150 years old, with some of the greatest leaders of the English Speaking World drawn from its ranks. F.U. might not always agree with every tone of party policy but nor would he associate himself with some of the less than admirable looneys nestled in the UKIP ranks.

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UKIP@HOME said...

To be a UKIP Lord you first need to make some secret deals with Nigel Farage MEP.