Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Keep the scroungers out of the casinos

F.U. is slightly taken aback at all the fuss that is being kicked up regarding the go-ahead being given to Manchester for a super casino, and for other casinos to be sprinkled across the kingdom. What exactly is the big deal?

Loads of commentators including the usually sensible Simon Heffer of the The Daily Telegraph (31st January) have started bleating on about it as though it is the end of the world. In Mr. Urquhart’s number opinion it really isn’t anything to get your knickers in a twist over.

People can gamble anytime they like in this country, and they do. This is evidenced by the thriving bookmaking business in the United Kingdom. Having a cluster of casinos won’t make much difference there.

Many of the anti-casino brigade, in desperation for a reason why there shouldn’t be casino based gambling provision in Britain, state that there is a moral case against their operation, and that the Government is at fault for facilitating gambling. Mr. Heffer struck a particularly sensationalist note by saying we might as well legalise prostitution and drug taking. F.U. thinks he should remember that the Government isn't making people gamble, it is merely providing them with the choice. Although, Mr. Urquhart does find it odd that an allegedly 'democratic socialist' government should make such an offering at the Temple of Greed.

But regardless, shouldn’t private individuals, F.U. suggests, have the freedom to decide whether they gamble or not? Hark, no! For gambling hath ruined many a life! This is true, Mr. Urquhart would riposte, but so has drinking, smoking, and the plethora of human vices, and these operate perfectly within the sanction of the law. Frankly, it is faintly reminiscent of the time of Oliver Cromwell to slap these moralistic overblown concerns over activities such as gambling.

F.U.’s only major concern about gambling and the construction of casinos in Britain is that down-and-outs, welfare dependents and the panoply of scroungers and idlers that clog up this country, never getting up off of their economically stagnant arses don’t swarm to the casinos to spend their dole more. He says “their” but actually it is the taxpayers’ money.

Perhaps the only major regulation fit for casinos in Britain would be ensuring that all of those who squander their money on the one arm bandits, blackjack, poker, and the roulette wheel are not being drip fed money from the state. Make ‘em show proof of income!


Cranmer said...

Mr Urquhart,

His Grace congratulates you on a most excellent blog, and confesses to be a dedicated fan and great admirer of your undoubted intelligence and manifest erudition.


The Rt Hon. Francis Urquhart MP said...

His Grace is too kind, and Mr. Uquhart is deeply honoured by his comments.

He is pleased to say he much enjoys reading His Grace's blog, which is most refreshingly not afraid to stare the liberal orthodoxy of Britain's chattering classes square in the face and profess an opinion of conscience - rather than that of the Dictatorship of Relativism.

Steven_L said...

People should be allowed to gamble. However should government Ministers pose for the camera, leaning over a roulette table, in an attempt to glamourise games of chance?