Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Labour MP Hypocrite? Surely not!

Well, well, well…would you believe it, says F.U., Dr. Des Turner, Labour MP for Brighton Kemptown was nicked just before Christmas for drink driving.

So what? Mr. Urquhart can hear you say. Members of Parliament are only human (except John Prescott who is half-man half-pie), and prone to all the human vices, inadequacies and contraventions of the rules; moreover it is arguably healthy for our representation in the House of Commons to have these 'human' facets. But Dr. Des is a prominent campaigner against drink driving, and was a lead member of the “Des” – Designated Driver initiative.

In the same way that disgraced Keith Vaz MP carps on and on about 'violent computer games', Dr. Des makes his political impact by talking about drink driving. F.U. supposes Des can talk with greater authority on that subject now. Come to think of it, Mr. Urquhart wouldn't mind giving Keith Vaz a thrashing or two on Doom, or Mortal Kombat so that Mr. Vaz can comment with even great gravitas on his chosen specialist area.

Fear not, pissed up MPs won't be thundering down your street in their flash Saabs just yet, as Des only had “one or two, not that much”.

Not much? Enough to plough into the back of another vehicle, Des. Another hypocritical dipshit is on the Labour benches. Surprise surprise.

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